Trap Code

You must abide by the following Trap Code of Conduct carefully as it is important for everyone in the Trap.
All recreational users must be able to meet the minimum standard for recreational Trap use.

  • Control speed and direction
  • Linked turns
  • Be able to stop
  • Use the button lift unassisted

The BoobyTrap reserves the right to ask you to leave the slope if you are deemed unable to meet the minimum standards. You are required to sign a disclaimer form stating that you can ski/snowboard to this standard. If you are deemed by The Traplord not to be of the required standard, you will be asked to leave the Trap and no refund or transfer will be given. His decision is final.

If you have an existing medical condition which you think may affect your safety in The Trap and/or your ability to meet the minimum standard, please seek proper medical advice before visiting The BoobyTrap.

In the absence of negligence or fraudulent misrepresentation, neither The BoobyTrap nor its employees or agents shall be responsible for the death, personal injury or illness of any guest whilst in The BoobyTrap. When using the Trap, please obey all rules stipulated at the start of the session.

Head protection is available from the slopes rental department at no extra charge and is compulsory head protection when entering the Trap.

Only BoobyTrap coaches are permitted to coach in the Trap

During certain periods The BoobyTrap will have photographers and videographers working in an official capacity. All films, photographs and sound recordings will be available for The BoobyTrap to use in connection with any projects.

 The BoobyTrap will not accept any liability for damage caused to any equipment whilst using the freestyle features. Guests choosing to use the freestyle features in the Trap will do so at their own risk.

The BoobyTrap reserves the right to change the Trap policies from time to time. Please read and observe the policies displayed at before you enter the Trap as they may have changed since the last time you saw them.

Please note, on arrival to The BoobyTrap you will be asked to sign a BoobyTrap declaration form to confirm you are at main slope standard.


  1. Respect all other Trap users
  2. Control your speed
  3. Always give way to Trappers below and choose a route past as not to endanger or alarm them
  4. Leave plenty of space when overtaking
  5. Look up and down the slope the Trap before starting or entering the slope
  6. Always stop in a clear and visible place or preferably at the side of the Trap. When walking up or down the Trap always keep to the side
  7. Respect all signage
  8. In the event of an accident everybody is duty bound to assist and witnesses must provide relevant information regarding any accident
  9. The BoobyTrap reserves the right to ask you to leave the slope if you are deemed by a BoobyTrap coach not to be abiding by the Trap Code or meeting the minimum standard. In such cases no refund or transfer will be given
  10. Have a mega boss time and above all keep it booby!